Second Blessings Consignment


We accept all forms of new and gently used children's items. We will not rack items that have stains, tears, excess wear, piling, or heavy smoke smell, etc. To ensure a quality sale we will not take items that do not follow our guidelines below.


  • Please enter season specific clothing only! (March: Spring and Summer clothing, Fall Sales: All Season Clothing Accepted)
  • Repair any missing pieces on clothing
  • Clothes should be hung on appropriate sized hangers. Hangers can be plastic or metal.
  • When looking at clothing item, hanger should look like a question mark (pointing to the left). See pictures for an example of the correct direction of the hanger.
  • Tags-(when looking at clothing item) pin on the RIGHT side of the garment (left shoulder) with safety pins. It is best if you can pin though a seam. If the tag will cover an emblem, you may adjust the placement of the tag. See pictures for an example of where to properly pin your tag.
  • Pants- Pin the pants by the waist to the TOP of hanger. Pants pinned to the bottom of the hanger will slide and fold to the middle. Do not fold the pants over the hanger. Shoppers want to see the entire pant and we do too to make sure there are no stains and tears. Any pants not hung correctly won't be accepted. See pictures for example of how to properly hang your pants.
  • For two-piece set hang the shirt, dress, etc. first. Pin pants, bloomers or 2nd piece by the waist to back of hanger (angled sides). If prepared this way it allows the shopper to see the entire pant rather than be partially hidden under the top. See pictures for example of how to properly pin multiple piece outfits.
  • Smoke smell items- SBC cannot take items that smell like smoke. If you do have items that have been around smoke please clean them and prepare them in a smoke-free environment. If you can get the smoke smell out we will be happy to take them.


  • Shoes should be cleaned. Consider using shoe polish, etc. to present them in the best condition possible. Place shoes into a Ziploc bag large enough to close - this will help keep shoes together!
  • If shoes will not fit in a gallon size bag (as in the case with larger kids boots, you may place them in the original box or tie the strings together. Make sure that both shoes are fastened together and the tag is securely attached to the pair. See pictures for an example of how to tag larger shoes.
  • If you have the original clear case that comes with newborn-toddler shoes, you may use that in place of a Ziploc bag. See pictures for an example of approved cases.
  • Tags should be taped with packing tape on the OUTSIDE of the bag - do NOT tape over the bar code.


  • All equipment must be clean and functional.


  • Must be complete, gently used, and in good working condition.
  • You may attach tags with safety pins or clear tape.
  • Toys with multiple pieces should be placed in a Ziploc bag. To ensure that no one attempts to steal pieces, it is best to tape the bag shut.
  • When securing tags, DO NOT tape over the bar code! See pictures for an example of how to properly tag toys.
  • If there are multiple pieces please place in a clear bag and tape shut.
  • Puzzles can easily fall apart. Using plastic wrap insures that the whole puzzle is there.


  • Display in large plastic bags. Please do not bring bedding in a white trash bag or a bag that is not clear. Your item will likely not sell if displayed in this manner and we will not be able to display it. If you don’t have a clear bag you may bring it as long as it is secured well with a string.


  • Cribs, toddler beds, twin beds, etc. must be assembled. You will be allowed on the sales floor on drop off day to assemble your furniture if needed.

Once you have registered follow these simple steps…

  1. Click on ENTER ITEMS
  2. When you are ready to print click PRINT TAGS.
  3. Choose the items you would like to print and select GENRATE TAGS. You will then see your tags in pdf format and will be able to print.

A short tutorial has been placed on the teal side bar of our webpage. Click on "VIDEOS" to view this step-by-step tutorial.

Remember these important details:

  • Tags must be printed on WHITE cardstock to ensure durability. No paper tags accepted.
  • Tagging stops at midnight previous to 1st day of drop off.

This process should save you time! If you have any questions during the tagging process email or send a message through facebook and we will respond as soon as we can.