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Who doesn't want their child to be dressed in the latest and greatest clothing available? Why pay full price when you can dress your kids for less? At Second Blessings Consignment Sale, you have the perfect opportunity to grab some great deals for those kiddos and you won't feel guilty for spending your hard earned dollar. For many it's the thrill of the hunt and the feeling you get when you find a steal, so bring your laundry baskets for all the great deals you are going to find. We will have it all!

And remember: Tags marked "Discount: YES" will be 1/2 off on discount day.

Helpful Hints

Because of the short sale period, the sale tends to be crowded and busy. We encourage our shoppers to come without their children, whenever possible. Our goal is for each person who enters into the sale to have a great experience and find lots of bargains. Kids will not be allowed to ride or play with toys or run through the clothing racks. Due to safety concerns and the enjoyment of other shoppers if this is a persistent problem you will be asked to leave.

Rolling laundry baskets are ideal for shopping! We also recommend regular laundry baskets as well. You'll need somewhere to put your clothes while you shop.

Come to the sale as soon as possible as many great items will be sold quickly! Keep returning during the days following the opening of the sale. Many that return each day of the sale mention that they find great items that they didn't see in their previous trips. As the volume decreases you are able to find things you may have overlooked!

Don't forget the 1/2 price sale on Saturday. If the tag is marked "Discount: Yes" then the item will be discounted.

All sales are final - we do not accept returns for any circumstance.

SBC Sale accepts the following forms of payment: Cash and Credit Cards. We do not accept personal checks in our public sale.